Easily manage your medication with My Pharmacy

Dec 1, 2019
Easily manage your medication with My Pharmacy

If you are on multiple medications it can be very confusing or just a chore to get them all organised, invariably you might end up missing a dose or taking too many! Either of these mistakes can have serious consequences for your health. At My Pharmacy our New Zealand trained pharmacists have spent 4 years at university and at least a year working in the community so are best qualified to assist you learn about your medications, how they work, how to take them and what the potential side effects might be.

All of our pharmacists are medicine management experts, if you are having trouble organising your medications or just want to free up your time talk to one of our team about our Medicine Roll packing service. Medicine Rolls are a convenient, eco-friendly medication packing system which are prepared by our pharmacists for you, so you can get on with living your best life.

Sometimes your medications might be changing frequently due to fluctuations in your health. This is when the most medication errors can happen. Which one was I supposed to stop? Which one do I have to take in the morning, which one helps my heart? We can help you take the stress out of managing your medicines. With a large team of experienced pharmacists in the pharmacy each day we can quickly help you get your medications sorted and make sure you are getting the health benefit of correctly taking your medication. 

Our pharmacists work with you, your GP or other specialist doctors to make sure the medication regime you are on is safe and that you can easily manage when to take your medicines. 

So dont delay, if you would like help with your medicines at any time, please contact us anytime at the pharmacies. We are open 7 days a week at Papamoa Plaza so can help you at any time that is convenient for you. 


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